Our strength lies in the power of realisation.
From the concept and execution to the placement on our client’s side. offline and online

Altavia works every day to be your best partner in commercial communication and activation. We help you to develop a lively, human, responsible and socially responsible business.

We are convinced that together we can contribute to a socially and environmentally responsible retail industry. To this end, our ambition is to be the reference point for a retail marketing ecosystem with a positive impact on the planet and those who live on it.

Each year, we want to improve our business. We’re proud that the next labels are representing the of our daily business inside Altavia, till the day today.

Our values


Always near.
Never estranged.
From being kind.
To being there.
From helpful.
To heartfelt.
From bound to caring.
To devoted to sharing.


Always optimistic.
Never sour.
From sharing the latest.
To getting the newest.
From owning the initiative
To being curious.
From accepting a challenge.
To being devoted.


Always truthful.
Never distrustful.
From being clear.
To acting transparent.
From spreading ideas.
To collecting feedback.
From trusting each other.
To trusting yourself.


Always searching.
Never dodging.
From being prepared.
To being there.
From riding the wave.
To staying in the flow.
From going for gold.
To making it happen.


Always stepping up.
Never looking down.
From being creative.
To being realistic.
From accepting a challenge.
To being devoted.
From knowing the accessible.
To making it possible.

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