Launching bp pulse: an extensive toolkit with an ambitious time-to-market

Launching bp pulse: an extensive toolkit with an ambitious time-to-market

Launching bp pulse: an extensive toolkit with an ambitious time-to-market 1083 722 Altavia Unite

At Altavia Unite, we do everything to help our clients simplify their work and processes. So, when bp needed our support in launching their three new charging stations in The Netherlands, we immediately kicked into high gear.


Rapid market introduction 

Inspired by an electric future, bp services electric charging with bp pulse: the company’s electrification brand. Currently, bp’s EV customers already have access to around 9,000 rapid and ultra-fast charging points, including a fast-growing network at bp retail sites in the UK and Germany (Aral). These new hubs will expand bp’s offering to customers by providing rapid charging in major cities. With the rising demand for EV charging in The Netherlands, bp pulse decided to enter the Dutch market and started with three fast-charging stations near Amsterdam.

To bring the new stations to public attention and to transform the UK expressions into Dutch, bp’s marketeer Debra Al asked Altavia Unite to roll out a cross-media campaign – including a website, POS materials, online advertising and signing including placement on site. The time between the briefing and launch was a little over a month. ‘When it comes to developing marketing materials, Altavia Unite has been our partner for many years. So, we knew this launch was something Altavia could take on,’ Debra states. Challenge accepted!

Learn organizational setup

Altavia’s account manager Joeri de Bruin and project managers Sjoerd van der Zwaan and Joost Baumeister were Debra’s contacts. Due to the short time-to-market, they invited Debra to visit Altavia’s Amstelveen office for a multidisciplinary meeting. All departments, including Design, Fulfillment, and Print Management, put their heads together. Joeri: ‘It’s our shared goal to simplify our client’s life and processes, and we know you need a pro-active workflow to make complicated projects work. At Altavia Unite, we’re known for our lean organizational setup and simplified communication style. So, we sat down and came up with an effective, fast-paced approach.’

This lean workflow meant Debra could communicate with individual departments directly, easily streamlining desired output and tackling issues instantly. ‘One of the issues we encountered was proper labeling,’ Debra explains. ‘We ordered chargers for our charging stations abroad, and when they arrived, I noticed none of them had the right labels. This was just a few days before our deadline, so I called Altavia to figure out what we could do about it. It was all very last minute, but we managed to print the proper labeling – right on time.’

Extensive toolkit

A recent change of agencies allowed Altavia to take on the creation, production, and distribution of all required marketing materials. Debra: ‘Normally, I turn to different agencies for different aspects of our campaign, but during this project, we only worked with Altavia Unite.’ Joeri adds: ‘It’s inspiring to see how this partnership intensified over time, especially when you realize Altavia started as bp’s print agency – little over six years ago.’

Currently, Altavia is bp’s preferred supplier for various end-to-end retail marketing services, including signing & placement, tooling, design, and social media.

Debra: ‘Together, we developed an extensive toolkit that covered all the assets needed to make this launch a success. Charing point labels, online banners, geotargeting, advertisements, social media posts. Altavia even designed interactive displays for all chargers.’ As bp plans to roll out more charging stations soon, the toolkit will serve as a blueprint for upcoming launches.


Co-creating and collaborating

So, what can we all learn from this partnership? Debra: ‘The collaborative workflow is something I can advise all brands. Sure, it’s hard work, and some clients may prefer a more ‘carefree’ approach — one where agencies receive a briefing and get to work. But I enjoy the lean workflow, where you really co-create marketing materials. I believe you ultimately receive the best results when you work together closely. It’s about reaping what you sow.’

Joeri: ‘One of our goals at Altavia Unite is to achieve the goals of our customers and preferably bring even more than they expect. Where they can optimally use all available services. That’s why we introduced our new, multidisciplinary workflow. It’s exciting to see how bp utilizes this way of work. We hope it inspires other clients in turning to another approach: not one where we work for you, but one in which we work together.’

Joeri de Bruin – Accountmanager at Altavia Unite

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